Details of the 2010/2011 Inter-League Challenge can be found by clicking HERE
Details of the 2011/2012 Inter-League Challenge can be found by clicking HERE

Now in its 4th year after a 20 year absence, the St.Helens Snooker Inter-League challenge match is once again a regular annual fixture. This year it was played at HOLY CROSS on Wednesday 24th April 2013.

The first two seasons had seen the honours shared between the leagues. However, last year saw an overhaul of the format of the competition, with the 8 best players from each league over their respective seasons being chosen for the team. Games would also be played on respective league handicaps. We had a brilliant turnout to watch an entertaining night with a brilliant mix of ages and abilities on both teams not diluting the competitive edge of the games! The Thursday Team were the overwhelming winners on 2013, so, who would take the bragging rights for this year?

The 2013 Match Result, as shown below:

Congratulations to all the Wednesday League team on their success this year, and also congratulations to all the players selected for both teams whose brilliant seasons were given a deserved reward!
Pictured below are the team from both leagues, The Wednesday and Thursday Teams before the match, and the victorious Thursday Team!


SEE YOU IN 2014...